Leaders, stay strong and resilient

The past week we have been inspired by companies around the world respond to the coronavirus crisis, responding to the challenge with courage, clarity and creative new approaches. 

Martin Global Leaders has been working with a global life sciences manufacturing team. This week, those leaders shared these as ways they were going to stay resilient as they lead their organizations through the crisis:

  • Shift from “never find answer” mindset to crowdsourcing the answers
  • Chip away and believe we will find solution – it’s a matter of time
  • It’s doable even if timing is unknown
  • Do not give up
  • Hold each other up
  • Perseverance – everyone has life lessons to draw from
  • Adopt a problem solving mindset
  • Navigate through the cloud one step at a time with the goal in mind
  • As a leader, communicating we will get through it together and keeping chin high
  • Know what we can control and can’t; giving it up to higher power
  • Org will be stronger when we’re done 
  • Build resilience through others energy and draw on team energy

I’ll be sharing these “front line” stories regularly on LinkedIn. First article is on “Leading Virtu-ally.”

Stay strong and chin up, my friends!

“Troops properly inspired and animated by a just confidence in their leader will often exceed expectation, or the limits of probability.” 

John Hancock, December 1776, commenting on General George Washington in the Revolutionary War.

“If Fate does not adjust itself to you, adjust yourself to Fate.” 

Persian proverb.

Craig Martin is CEO and Founder of Martin Global Leaders, providing virtual team coaching and executive development for firms in many industries around the world.

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