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Leader Launch™ Executive Onboarding

Whether internally promoted or external hires, newly-appointed senior leaders are under ever-increasing pressure to produce rapid yet sustainable results. And this moment in history is creating a demand for leaders to come in and guide businesses to take advantage of market shifts.

Despite high spending on hiring and promoting talent, many organizations fail to capitalize fully on their investment by providing appropriate support to senior leaders during the key first 90 days of their new roles. Studies have shown 40–55% of newly hired or promoted executives are underperforming two years after taking on a new role and the turnover cost of a failed executive assignment can range from $1-2 million or more. 

MGL’s Leader Launch on-boarding program provides effective one-to-one structured transition support to senior managers before and during this critical first 90 days. The program benefits the team and broader organization as well. MGL provides tools and coaching for the leader to objectively evaluate their new team and institute new strategic directions and change. 

Leader Launch focuses on 8 key success factors based on our 2020 analysis of VP+ senior leaders:

    1. Expectations
    2. Team
    3. Culture
    4. Stakeholder Skills
    5. Relationship
    6. Vision & Path to Success
    7. Self-Care
    8. Growth
Why New Leaders Fail
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Many organizations now regard Leader Launch® as a highly valuable “insurance policy” to underwrite the success of senior managers in their transitions to new roles. Leader Launch® is: 

  • Quick to implement and highly effective
  • Run by experienced transition coaches
  • Suitable for both external hires and internally promoted leaders
  • Benefits the leader, the team and the broader stakeholder system
  • Provides valuable “insurance” on key talent investments 

Free MGL Leader Launch executive transition success tool

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Executive Success Factors
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