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New Callings Executive Program for Individuals

Every five to 10 years we come to points in our careers and lives where we must address the questions, “Am I still on the right track?” “Is this work providing meaning to my life?” “Do I need to make a shift to fulfill my lifelong goals, and if so, how do I do it?

Executive Career Review

We have assisted many dozens of mid and senior leaders earnestly work through these questions and find fulfilling new directions to their work. In this Executive Career Review, some make fine adjustments to the current “arc” of their careers.

Others have acted on deep entrepreneurial ambitions and started new companies. Some have used this process to thoughtfully consider their options before seizing bold new opportunities that would steer them in entirely new directions.

And we have assisted top-level officers to plan their transition into second careers. This type of engagement is highly fulfilling and leads to a freshness and greater sense of self-confidence and purpose is one’s work.

You will learn:

  • An objective assessment of your core strengths and passions

  • How to develop a long-term career vision and strategy

  • How to maximize your opportunities to achieve your most important goals in life

  • How to create a “Personal Board of Advisors” to help you evaluate and select from key career options

  • How to increase your networking abilities to discover new opportunities and resources

  • What are the “mission-critical” skills you must develop to achieve your next vision

This Executive Career Review program is for:

  • Professionals in their late-30s or early-40s doing a major “course correct” before stepping up into senior management opportunities

  • Executives in late-40s or early 50s planning how to maximize impact and generatively at the peak of their careers

  • Executives planning their exit strategy and plan for career life after the C-suite

  • Entrepreneurs and innovators seeking to establish new ventures

“After you've worked a good number of years, you sometimes end up just repeating what you did yesterday. That includes both the things you did well but unfortunately the things you may be doing wrong. MGL’s New Callings process helps you step back and recognize your strengths and challenges and the environment you need to bring out your best and hopefully retain both success and happiness. Once grounded in more self-awareness, we worked together to put my voice out there through various web-based channels and helped me think through how best to leverage the personal network I've gathered over my years to chart out my next chapter. Our routines celebrated the successes but also talked me through the valleys and doldrums when  change seemed slow. In the end, I joined a company that lines up with my personal criteria of what I need for success via a recommendation from my network."
Frederick Crosby
Frederick Crosby
Chief Revenue Officer, Nium
“Craig and I worked closely together for 6 months while I was transitioning from a long-held role into a new opportunity. Craig brought his vast experience, insight and patience to our coach/client relationship, which greatly helped my successful and calm transition. Craig has an uncanny ability to quickly assess people and situations, and I greatly benefited from his candor and spot on advice. I highly recommend Craig and am available to provide additional information.”
Scott D. Mayer
Chief Real Estate Officer, County of Orange, Irvine, California
“Craig is an outstanding executive coach. He’s focused, insightful, positive, easy to work with, a great listener – who also knows when to jump in with a comment or insight that connects the dots and drives the conversation to the next level. I have a Stanford MBA, 30 years of work experience, and have founded and led entrepreneurial organizations. At this stage of my career, I was looking for somebody who could help me grow my business in a way that increased my personal and professional fulfillment. Craig quickly helped me analyze my current work, define some new directions that closely fit my strengths and interest areas, and fine tune my business development approach to secure challenging new opportunities with the right companies. Working with Craig was a great experience that helped me gain new clarity around my goals and strengthen my ability to achieve them.”
Steve Pollock
CEO, Turnstone Ventures, Japan-US Cross-Border Consultancy, Silicon Valley

See how executive transition coaching could right for you. Contact Craig Martin at +1-415-706-9328 or craig@martingloballeaders.com

Executive Transitions
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