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Leading in a new world

Executive coaching with Martin Global Leaders coach is different. We are not content on just developing more self aware or higher EQ leaders. We are about building leaders who can lead in new environments, transform their organizations, and seize this profound moment in human and business history.

It’s about leading in a new world.

We are preparing leaders for the new era in the Great Reset and beyond. We believe that there is permanent change that all leaders must reckon with and be skilled at managing. MGL is building leaders who can build teams and organizations that will thrive in the new tomorrow.

FutureFit Leadership focuses on building 7 key skills:

    1. Partner: Influence and form coalitions much more virtually across distributed leader groups. We know this from decades of global work – the right balance is trust, vision, making everyone in the system stronger. 
    2. Transform: Now we must seize the moment to drive change and transform the organization – to help people be more creative and let go of old excuses. Find new ways to work more efficiently, more nimbly. Operate with urgency and intention to change the businesses and be a positive force for progress in the world.
    3. Care: Foster self care for themselves and their colleagues. Adopt healthy ways of working that address the stresses and fatigue of WFH and mostly or completely virtual work
    4. Articulate: Have a hopeful vision of the future and be able to speak from it with power and conviction. Engage the whole organization to shape this vision and act upon it boldly.
    5. Connect: Stay closely connected with stakeholders and be a voice for their evolving needs. Make sure others engage and stay aligned with stakeholders as well. 
    6. Generate: A growing organization is a learning organization. Leaders take steps to make sure everyone is learning, sharing and inspiring. 
    7. Integrate: Leaders must step back regularly to take in the whole picture and see beyond their function or BU. Their leadership must be systemic, helping the whole enterprise succeed and grow.  

Martin Global Leaders coaches have been business leaders themselves. They are among the best in the industry and are constantly learning through ongoing rigorous training. They are experts helping leaders orchestrate outstanding teams and provide enterprise leadership. 


See how executive coaching can help your organization navigate the Great Reset and beyond. Contact Craig Martin at +1-415-706-9328 or craig@martingloballeaders.com

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