Systemic Team Coaching

Your company’s future calls upon breakthrough teamwork today.

Ramp up your team to its highest potential with Systemic Team Coaching


In the new world, your business’s path to the future demands transformational thinking and breakthrough ideas. These can only come from inspired teamwork in your company’s mission-critical teams. That doesn’t come by accident. Such great teams are built over time. But you can accelerate the process and tap your team’s fullest potential with team coaching.


Team coaching develops your whole team over time and will increase its ability to align, collaborate, innovate, learn, engage with stakeholders, achieve objectives and transform the broader business. It ramps up the entire team to higher performance quickly and efficiently.


Martin Global Leaders employs the Systemic Team Coaching approach which develops team competencies in all five dimensions of team performance. We work with the entire team within the broad context of the company, its customers and the overall ecosystem. This helps the team be aligned on goals and needs of all stakeholders. In turn, team members have a clearer roles and responsibilities and the right structure to achieve objectives. The team is coached to develop high trust and a continuous learning culture, constantly reviewing progress and making improvements, becoming ever stronger and more capable of producing outstanding results.   

Team coaching programs include:


  • Custom program sustained over several month to help whole team instill new habits and build new muscle. 
  • Structured team sessions, which can be done virtually as well as in person. 
  • One-on-one executive coaching for team leaders 
  • Integrated suite of team assessments, stakeholder surveys, assignments, and skill building   

MGL Team Coaches are highly trained and are master level executive leadership experts who make the process exciting and energizing. The goal is not only to take your team to a high level faster but also empower it to continually improve in the future. 


  • Better track emerging customer and market needs
  • Generate more innovative solutions
  • Quickly act on opportunities
  • Better leverage and develop your talent
  • Increase the company’s agility


Ensure your company’s success in the new world with breakthrough teamwork.

Five Dimensions of Breakthrough Teams Questionnaire

Click here your free copy of the Five Dimensions of Breakthrough Teams Questionnaire so you can evaluate your team’s performance.

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