Services for C-Suite & Board

Martin Global Leaders supports company executive teams and board through bespoke programs in three areas:

Executive Team Coaching

Executive teams are typically entirely different than others in both focus and dynamics. Its members are leaders of entire organizational units with often competing priorities. Our work is to shape executive teams whose members are invested in each other’s success and who learn from each as they work together on company objectives and strategy.

Martin Global Leaders employs the Systemic Team Coaching approach which develops team competencies in all five dimensions of team performance. We work with the entire team within the broad context of the company, its customers and the overall ecosystem. This helps the team be aligned on goals and needs of all stakeholders. 

Team coaching programs include:

  • Custom program sustained over several month to help whole team instill new habits and build new muscle. 
  • Structured team sessions, which can be done virtually as well as in person. 
  • One-on-one executive coaching for CEO 
  • Integrated suite of team assessments, stakeholder surveys, assignments, and skill building   

CXO Preparation Program

Being called to join the C-suite is an affirmation and honor that few leaders will experience. It is also one of the most challenging career transitions, requiring the leader to form a new identity, establish new alliances and think strategically across all aspects of a business, not just his or her own business unit or function. 

These programs are custom-designed, often conducted discreetly with the CEO, helps new C-Suite executives plan and excel in the following transitions:

  • Newly appointed/hired C-level officers
  • Executives being groomed for senior management within 18 months
  • Executives being repatriated from overseas assignments who will be joining executive management
  • New Chiefs of Staff
  • Organizations with extensive executive turnover due to mergers and acquisitions

Board Services

Board Reviews & Evaluations:

  • We carry out in-depth assessments of each board member with a view to helping them perform better together as a group. 
  • Our reviews consider individual and group effectiveness in relation to interactions, decision making, responding to VUCA, external communication and crisis handling.

Board On-Boarding: 

  • One of the most important decisions a board makes is when and how to bring on a new board member. 
  • Our board on-boarding service covers every aspect of this key activity ensuring that it is carried out in the most effective manner. It normally involves an in-depth assessment of the qualities of the new board member.
  • Additionally we carry out assessment of Board candidates to assess their compatibility with your Board.

Board Offsites:

  • We host Board off-sites globally to consider renewed visions and strategies, as well as creating opportunities for promoting Board cohesion. 
  • These events often also include key-note speakers and thought leaders.

MGL Executive Team Coaches are highly trained and are master level executive leadership experts who make the process exciting and energizing. The goal is not only to take your executive team to a high level more quickly but also empower it to continually improve in the future. 


CXO prep
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All our activities are carried out with the highest levels of sensitivity and confidentiality. To find out how our Board level activities would help your organization, or for an informal no-obligation discussion, please contact Craig Martin, CEO.

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