Gaining “2020 Vision”​

Gaining 2020 vision

The expression “2020 vision” is synonymous with perfect vision. It’s about seeing clearly and without need for special glasses or lenses. With 2020 vision we can read and see what’s going on perfectly. 2020 is something we are born with and as we get older our vision deteriorates. Then we need glasses to help us see down the road or to be able to read a book. Ironically, this year 2020 is a time of muddled vision and leadership during our biggest challenges yet.

this year, 2020, is our "2020" year - a time to get clarity about our five huge, parallel and interlocking crises.

The first crisis is the coronavirus pandemic – a threat to the entire human species. The second crisis is our national and global economy, cratered by the first crisis. The third crisis is the racism crisis, or more appropriately the continuing and deepening despair about a crisis this been going on for decades and centuries without resolution. Increasing fires, extreme weather and pollution are visible manifestations of our global environment crisis right before our eyes. The fifth is the crisis of leadership. Many of our national political leaders are failing to offer the wisdom and courage to step up and lead us through these greatest of crises in an organized, thoughtful and hopeful way. When we need it most, great unifying leadership is nowhere to be found.

People around the world have gotten clear
in the last several months of this new 2020 era.

We have gotten clear about our flaws in our system. We have gotten clear about our collective and individual responsibilities for racism. We have gotten clear that we must unite and find solutions to global problems that affect all of us. We have become clear that divisive rhetoric, hate, racism, and ignorance are intolerable and lead to demise, not to our salvation. This year has given us 2020 vision to see what’s been going on for a long time. 

The 2020 vision allows us a moment to comprehend what we must fight for. 2020 vision is about reconnecting with our most important values as human beings, regardless of race, culture, or political beliefs. Our 2020 vision must be a united vision for how we will behave as human beings to correct the errors of our ways, to respond to global crises such as pandemics, the environment, and racism.

Most of us have to remove our old glasses to see 2020. We have to remove old prescriptions that longer work or may have been wrong in the first place. We have to remove rose colored lenses that prevent us from seeing clearly… that prevent us from seeing our own responsibility…and prevent us from taking action. 

2020 is a year for correction and clarity. For us all to step up, lead and take action in our own ways.

The greatest leadership learning moment of our lives.

I know for me this year has been profound in seeing things I have taken for granted. I have been deeply moved by how our clients are showing up and responding to the greatest leadership moment of our lives, holding space for their teams during a time of deep soul-searching and uncertainty.

It’s an honor to be supporting the growth of leaders during this crucial moment in our history. We are having better conversations. We are holding a larger frame to the work corporate leaders are doing to support our communities and the world. More is to be done. But the clearing of our vision is happening.

What and who can help you see – and act – with your own 2020 vision? What are you called to do? What is your most important work in 2020?

Let us all lead on – unified, purposeful and with hope.

Craig Martin is CEO of Martin Global Leaders, Inc.

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