Vision, Mission, Purpose & Values

Why we are differentThe vision of Martin Global Leaders is to be the growth and thought partner that top organizations turn to develop world-class leaders and teams that are able to drive enduring, noble results for their organizations, humanity and the environment in our global village.

Our mission is to support organizations that are seeking to be world-class in their field and learn the best practices and ideas from around the world, whether to be more successful in the global marketplace or in their home market.

The purpose of MGL is to help leaders do their best work in the world, leveraging their labor and that of their team members so that it may benefit humanity, every day.

Our values

  • Excellence in all we do
  • We search the world over for the best thinking, insights, wisdom and practices to be a world-class resource for our clients and partners so they may grow and do their best work.
  • We write and speak on global leadership and teamwork to foster the advancement of these disciplines in the world.
  • Lifelong learning and self-development, whether convenient or comfortable, is our only way to become our fullest selves and do our most important work
  • Faith in the goodness of all people and their ability to change and grow
  • Respect for diversity of cultures, life experience and beliefs
  • Passion to do one’s most important work in the world, always
  • Belief that true teamwork inspires and transforms us to achieve far beyond what we can conceive
  • Loyalty to those with whom we have partnered to achieve shared aspirations
  • Act with integrity and ethics to respect and preserve our commitments to our partners, clients, communities and ourselves
  • Businesses and business people through their daily actions and decisions have the power and responsibility to improve humanity and the global environment, as do their peers in governments, non-profits and NGOs
  • Financial fairness and responsibility to allow all parties to prosper and grow
  • Courage to speak and act upon the truth
  • Leadership as a lifelong journey of inspiration, self-discovery, courage, learning and service to our fellow man