Testimonials for Martin Global Leaders

Martin Global Leaders has had the pleasure of working with some incredible leaders and executives. Here we share with you their experiences with our company and the results they produced.

Peter Samak“I had the pleasure of working with Craig Martin as a coach on a six-month assignment. Craig built a deep personal relationship Executive Coaching, understanding my personal background, my motivation at work and my skills – a rapport which is not always easy to build when you are located in different time zones and have different cultural backgrounds. Craig was at his best when distilling my areas of development in clear, simple messages and when providing concrete advice using numerous tools on how to engage on these. The assignment resulted in measurable improvements. Craig was also kind enough to support me with the design and facilitation of a Manager Effectiveness training in Paris which was very appreciated by my team.”

Peter Samak,
Director, Product Development, Central Europe, Middle East & Africa
PayPal, Paris


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Jill Popelka, Senior Vice President SAP, Irving, Texas “Craig Martin is an amazing executive, leadership coach, and wise guide for anyone looking to grow personally and professionally. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Craig this year, and his methodology and depth of experience have both educated me and challenged me to exceed my goals. His approach to providing a top-notch coaching experience is thoughtful and well-planned. Throughout the experience, Craig incites his skills as a gifted listener and connector to help you realize your gifts and inspire you to use them in more meaningful ways. My experience with Craig has certainly enhanced my executive skill set, but more importantly, it has provided an awareness of my individual strengths and gifts and helped me evaluate new ways to leverage those in areas beyond my current career.”


Jill Popelka, Senior Vice President SAP, Irving, Texas


Heidi Healy“As VP of Human Resources at Raymond Handling Concepts Corp., I have had the great opportunity of working with Executive Coach, Craig Martin, to create and implement our customized leadership development program called Raymond Academy. This program provides a consistent avenue to teach supervisors, managers and other key team members to be strategic business thinkers, mentors to others, and to step fully into leadership. It also provides invaluable structured mentoring from prior Raymond Academy graduates and Officers. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Craig Martin for assistance with Executive Coaching, Management Consulting, and Leadership Program Development and Facilitation.”

Heidi Healy, VP Human Resources, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation, Fremont, California


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Steve Raymond“Craig Martin of Martin Global Leaders has been a valued advisor to Raymond Handling Concepts and me for more than eight years.  He was initially recommended to us to act as an executive coach to one of our officers who had some “blind spots” in his leadership style that were impeding his development.  From that coaching experience, our entire officer team established a very close and trusting relationship with Craig to the point that we asked him to facilitate our Quarterly Officers Meetings where we discuss strategic planning, key personnel issues, and financial results.  I have learned over the years that I personally can’t facilitate and participate simultaneously in important meetings.  Craig has an uncanny ability to help our team assemble an agenda and keep us focused and on task such that we thoroughly cover each item to conclusion, almost always within our time limits.  Though he occasionally allows us to wander or deviate from the agenda, it is because of his knowledge of our company’s culture and the individual personalities of our officers that he can sense when that flexibility is necessary.”

Steve Raymond, President, Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation, Fremont, California


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Niki Leondakis“I have found Craig to be insightful, business savvy, compassionate, direct, specific, and at times appropriately tough when giving me feedback and coaching to assist me in my goal to elevate to a (C-Level) role. Despite the emotional and political nature of some of our coaching sessions, Craig has remained consistently professional, ethical, and thoughtful and has always handled himself with integrity.

Craig’s coaching is closing the gap from self-observations and insight to specific actions that are applicable, appropriate and comfortable for me, in a corporate environment.  Prior to working with Craig, my personal insights were a challenge for me to translate into specific actions that worked in the business world. Craig’s combination of experience working directly in corporate environments in his past career, his deep understanding of personality types and various personality typing systems and his personal passion and commitment to achieving results for his clients, make him a uniquely qualified executive coach.”

Niki Leondakis, Chief Operating Officer, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, San Francisco


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Scott D. Mayer“Craig and I worked closely together for 6 months while I was transitioning from a long-held role into a new opportunity. Craig brought his vast experience, insight and patience to our coach/client relationship, which greatly helped my successful and calm transition. Craig has an uncanny ability to quickly assess people and situations, and I greatly benefited from his candor and spot on advice. I highly recommend Craig and am available to provide additional information.”

Scott D. Mayer, Chief Real Estate Officer, County of Orange, Irvine, California


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Steve Pollock“Craig is an outstanding executive coach. He’s focused, insightful, positive, easy to work with, a great listener – who also knows when to jump in with a comment or insight that connects the dots and drives the conversation to the next level. I have a Stanford MBA, 30 years of work experience, and have founded and led entrepreneurial organizations. At this stage of my career, I was looking for somebody who could help me grow my business in a way that increased my personal and professional fulfillment. Craig quickly helped me analyze my current work, define some new directions that closely fit my strengths and interest areas, and fine tune my business development approach to secure challenging new opportunities with the right companies. Working with Craig was a great experience that helped me gain new clarity around my goals and strengthen my ability to achieve them.”

Steve Pollock, CEO, Turnstone Ventures, Japan-US Cross-Border Consultancy, Silicon Valley


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Melissa Smith“For me, the greatest challenge of leadership is keeping track of myself, my values and priorities, in the midst of the demands of leadership. Working with Craig kept me on track, and enhanced my ability to make strategic choices in the midst of chaos. Craig’s coaching supported my leadership growth and skill development. IMO, coaching with Craig is time and money well spent.”

Melissa Smith, PhD Candidate, Organizational Process Consultant, Silicon Valley


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Moses Awe“I have been working with Craig Martin for the past year, and benefited greatly from his coaching. Over my 25 years professional services career, I have worked with three other executive coaches in three other cities, and Craig has been the best. Craig has tremendous experience and insights, and tailored his coaching to fit our personality and preferences, and our developmental needs. Craig successfully guided me to learn to identify my blind spots, and in the moment, assess the impact on the people around me from my communication and leadership style. Craig recognized that I did not have time to read more materials. So he flexed his approach and offered videos and action oriented exercises to reinforce the communication and leadership style concepts. Craig invested time to learn our company so as to help us in our work context. Craig has great listening and observational skills, responds very effectively to our individual needs, and reinforces positive change through consistent encouragement.”

Moses Awe, Partner, Ernst & Young LLC, San Francisco


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Richard Wittenberg“My organization needed me to step up and be a leader at a time of great transition. With out Craig’s mentorship I / we would never have made it. Like any great work of art, time tells if the work is a flash in the pan or stands the test of time. There is not a day which goes by that I do not draw on what Craig helped me develop as a leader and as a human being. Not to be trite, Craig did not feed me a fish, he taught me how to fish so that I too could bring and teach leadership wherever I go. The money I spent with (Craig) is the best money I ever invested and continues to pay dividends every day.”

Richard Wittenberg, VP Marketing, Pacific Cycle, Chicago


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Rod Hsiao“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Craig while as an executive in a mid-sized social enterprise, and now as the founder of a start-up. He has an uncanny way of listening and then reframing events and pointing out the reality distortions that may hamper my ability to get results. He does not have pre-conceived interests and goals for you, but rather gets deep into your motivations, work-style, and strengths to help you clarify your own aspirational goals and gives you the tools to achieve them successfully. I definitely feel more confident and purposeful in my professional and personal life because of Craig.”

Rod Hsiao, Founder & CEO, InPlay, Silicon Valley


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