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Corporate Culture Surveys are key to successOrganization Culture Surveys

Your company has key performance goals for the next two to five years. You have a well-designed growth strategy. Does your organizational culture have what it takes to deliver on the strategy? Said another way, do you know what changes you’ll be asking your culture to make to this journey to the future? Well-timed organizational culture assessments – also known as Corporate Culture Surveys – can help an executive team be strategic in making changes to company culture, or taking steps to prevent changes you don’t want (think M&A). Our advanced organizational culture survey assessments provide leadership with insights into where are the hidden strengths of the organization and the pockets of misalignment with strategy.

These insights will allow your management and leadership to have powerful discussions about:

  • Direction and goals of the organization
  • What it will look like when you achieve your goals
  • What steps you will need to take to get there
  • Key changes in processes and structure
  • Innovation and change management
  • Stages of team development
  • Teamwork, collaboration and trust

This executive program is suitable for:

  • Organizations embarking on major growth initiatives
  • Teams with bold new missions
  • Companies planning mergers or acquisitions
  • Start-ups developing a targeted but flexible growth plan
  • Executive teams coming together after a restructuring
  • Organizations seeking to harmonize and align culture across geographies and functions