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Each month, Martin Global Leaders interviews top executives from diverse backgrounds across industries and regions to illuminate how culture informs leadership philosophy and practices in today’s global business environment.

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Aziz El-Azarifi on Suspending Judgment

Aziz El-AzarifiAziz El‐Azarifi – Managing Director Middle‐East, Africa & Turkey at General Mills Inc., Dubai
…it’s essential to suspend judgment and to keep your own baggage carefully stowed away…

Global Insider- The Importance of Suspending Judgment

Peggy Fang Roe on Immersing Yourself in the Local Market

Peggy Fang RoePeggy Fang Roe – Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific, Marriott International, Hong Kong
It’s important to take time and immerse yourself in each culture.  You have to push yourself to learn what’s really happening on the ground. You have to ask a lot of questions and dig really deep.

Global Insider – The power of immersing yourself in the local market

Paras Sidapara on Learning What Makes People Tick

Paras SidaparaParas Sidapara – Global Head of Managed Services, Financial & Risk – Thomson Reuters, London
…you can be empathetic without being influential – but the reverse is rarely true.…

Global Insider- Learning What Makes People Tick

Global Leadership Articles:

Why international assignments are critical to a company's successWhy international assignments are critical to a company’s success International assignments are becoming a necessity in many organizations. Moreover, top executives need to have international experience if they’re going to have a chance to break into the C-level.

How to disrupt slow organizational progress in global organizationsHow to improve speed-to-performance in global organizations Our recent research on Global Leadership Transitions we were aware that global leaders, and the organizations within which they work, are frequently frustrated by the length of time that it takes for them to achieve their desired goals.

Typical points of failure for aspiring C-level leaders:Five most typical points of failure for aspiring C-level leaders The entranceway to the C-Suite is littered with the carcasses of senior leaders who failed to adapt to new conditions and requirements. It’s one of the toughest if not the toughest of all career transitions.

Five steps that will help you prepare to step into the C-suite There are a lot of things that you will be concerning yourself with as you prepare to step into the C-suite. They include team building, building long-term stakeholder value, and more.


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