How We Are Different

How we are differentLeadership consultancies must be rooted in solid principles and first-hand experience in how leadership focuses and drives achievement of group goals. International and global specialists in turn also need to help clients understand cultures, cope with organizational complexity on a global scale, and powerfully leverage diversity. Lifelong travel and experience with company structures that span many regions is prerequisite. Expatriate experience is invaluable.

The people at Martin Global Leaders are further grounded and distinguished by the following:

  • We take pride in being both students of and expert practitioners of leadership and teamwork, having learned through many years experience as leaders ourselves.
  • We have a deep historical view of leadership, teamwork and the global economy. We study world history, politics, religions, languages and philosophy from all continents. We look at this era of globalization as not a new phenomenon within the context of human history and the historical interactions of world cultures and peoples.
  • We are interdisciplinary in seeking wisdom and best practice in leadership and teamwork — from not just business and academia, but the also military, non-profits, NGOs, and government domains. All areas from all times teach important lessons about human collaboration, trust and achievement.
  • We take a cross-cultural view of leadership and teamwork and organizational effectiveness. We look the world over for the best thinking. We are curious about and respect the differences in leadership style that culture requires. We are inspired by brilliant thinking that comes from different cultural and historical perspectives on these topics, no matter what region or era of the world.

We look forward to serving you and learning with you as we together grow world-class leaders and teams.