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Global Leader Accelerator

Executive coaching programMore than ever companies need to develop leaders who understand how to capitalize on international markets and leverage diverse teams on multiple continents. From our work and research with global leader, stepping into a new international assignment is a major challenge. The stakes for the company are high. A failed new domestic assignment is costly enough. On an international scale the risks are magnified. Much rides on the ability of the leader to stoke team morale, boost productivity and deliver products and initiatives on time.

International transfersThat’s why we offer the Global Leader Accelerator™ executive coaching program. This program prepares leaders for their international assignment with primers to help them become savvy about influencing and leading change on international scale. When they step into their role, they are able to bridge differences and leverage diversity to create truly high performance international/global teams.

Leaders will learn:

  • How to become savvy about national cultures
  • How to deal with variations in organizational culture across geographies
  • Dealing with headquarters vs. branch office discrepancies
  • Setting 90-day goals and vision for success
  • Clarifying one’s “Leadership Drive” that will carry the leader along her/his journey of discovery leading a multi-cultural team

This executive coaching program is right for:

  • Mid-level leaders taking on responsibility for an international or global team
  • Leaders about to be expatriated to a new foreign assignment
  • Leaders who will be traveling internationally on a regular basis to develop new markets or sales opportunities
  • Executives being repatriated from overseas assignments
  • Organizations expanding into new international markets

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