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How to Overcome the Challenges of Dispersed Teams and Harness their Potential

Global Team Accelerator™


The growing trend in business is many diverse cultures operating within the same organization requiring tight coordination across geographies. This program teaches team members and their leaders how to create breakthroughs in cross-cultural teamwork and avoid common breakdowns.

This program provides valuable development opportunities and tools so the team stays focused on goals and coordinating the work smoothly.

The Global Team Accelerator experience provides:

  • Key advances in the performance characteristics of diverse teams by academic research and real-world best practices in global organizations,
  • Improved cross-cultural awareness and powerfully leverage cultural diversity using the acclaimed Richard Lewis Model
  • New leadership practices and team activities for developing synergy, creativity and high performance
  • Optimized technology for global teams: How and when to use team messaging, face-to-face, video, email, huddles

This program is the answer for companies wanting to overcome the challenges of dispersed teams and harness their potential for innovation and fresh thinking, yielding increased ROI and performance.

The Global Team Accelerator is highly effective both as a module for international leaders and for complete international teams.

Teams will learn:

  • Innovations in “distributed” or “virtual” teamwork
  • Psychology of trust and team communications
  • Stages of team development and evolution
  • Principles of high performance teamwork
  • How to help remote team members feel connected, engaged and committed
  • Leadership“must do” practices for managing globally dispersed teams
  • Dealing with conflict in multicultural teams
  • And more…

This program is right for:

  • Teams with offices spread across a wide geography
  • Teams with many remote workers
  • Fully “distributed” teams with no physical offices
  • Multinational teams operating across two or more continents or cultures
  • Headquarter teams with partners in many countries
  • Regional teams that must report also to remote headquarters
  • Organizations expanding into new international markets

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