Executive coaching and leadership development services

Here is a brief summary of the executive coaching and leadership training services offered by Martin Global Leaders.

Global Team Accelerator

The Global Team Accelerator™ helps dispersed teams operate more smoothly and harness the proven superior performance potential of diverse teams. CLICK TO LEARN MORE.

Global Leader Accelerator

The Global Leader Accelerator™ executive coaching program prepares leaders for their international assignment with primers to help them become savvy about influencing and leading change on international scale. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

C-Suite Ramp-Up Intensive

This executive ramp-up training program, often conducted discreetly with the CEO, helps new C-Suite executives plan and excel in the following transitions. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Cross-Enterprise Mentoring Programs

Few organizational initiatives are more powerful in fostering trust, collaboration and unity among leadership ranks than a well-crafted mentoring program. It provides organizations with a highly cost-effective means to teach supervisors, managers and other key team members to be strategic business thinkers, be mentors to others, and to step fully into leadership. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

Organization Culture Surveys

Well-timed organizational culture assessments – also known as Corporate Culture Surveys – can help an executive team be strategic in making changes to company culture, or taking steps to prevent changes you don’t want (think M&A). Our advanced organizational culture survey assessments provide leadership with insights into where are the hidden strengths of the organization and the pockets of misalignment with strategy. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

New Callings Executive Program for Individuals

Every five to 10 years we come to points in our careers and lives where we must address the questions, “Am I still on the right track?” “Is this work providing meaning to my life?” “Do I need to make a shift to fulfill my lifelong goals, and if so, how do I do it? This Executive Career Review program. CLICK TO LEARN MORE

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