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Cross-Enterprise Mentoring Programs

Cross-Enterprise Mentoring ProgramsFew organizational initiatives are more powerful in fostering trust, collaboration and unity among leadership ranks than a well-crafted mentoring program. It provides organizations with a highly cost-effective means to teach supervisors, managers and other key team members to be strategic business thinkers, be mentors to others, and to step fully into leadership. Special care is taken to match junior and senior people across departmental and functional lines. The focus is on helping the mentee work on their Professional Development Plan, while the senior person gains unparalleled insights into the workings and health from deep inside the organization. Working together over six months to a year, the mentoring pair develops deep commitments, strengthens accountability, .spread leadership wisdom and strengthening bonds to the greater purpose of the organization. Mentoring pairs are brought together periodically to share collected wisdom in confidential, high-trust settings.

Leaders will learn:

  • How to develop and execute a self-directed Professional Development plan
  • How to be a mentor, and how that is different than being a manager or a “boss”
  • The hallmarks of your organization’s culture and core values, and how to lead in a way that’s aligned with them
  • How to solve problems in a more independent, resourceful manner
  • How to develop strategic partnerships across the organization
  • How to develop a true “learning organization”

This program is right for:

  • Organizations that want to spread excellence in leadership deeper into the organization
  • Fast-growing organizations that want to preserve and promote essential elements of their culture
  • Companies that want to develop themselves as true “learning organizations”
  • Teams who want to preserve exceptionally high esprit d’corps for the long term
  • Merging organizations that need to weave together their teams into a new high-trust culture


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