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C-Suite Ramp-Up Intensive

Executive ramp up trainingBeing called to join the C-suite is an affirmation and honor that few leaders will experience. It is also one of the most challenging career transitions, requiring the leader to form a new identity, establish new alliances and think strategically across all aspects of a business, not just his or her own business unit or function. This program, often conducted discreetly with the CEO, helps new C-Suite executives plan and excel in the following transitions:

This program is right for:

  • Newly appointed/hired C-level officers
  • Executives being groomed for senior management within 18 months
  • Executives being repatriated from overseas assignments who will be joining executive management
  • New Chiefs of Staff
  • Organizations with extensive executive turnover due to mergers and acquisitions

Executives will learn:

  • How to establish a 90-day transition plan
  • Identify the balance of power
  • Cultivate strategic alliances on executive team
  • How to establish strong rapport with board of directors
  • How to establish a strategic agenda

Executive ramp up training for the C-suite